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Next-level grain marketing capabilities and confidence.

When you have grain to move, market volatility and emotion don’t have to dictate your every move. With Stratum, one sophisticated, but surprisingly simple mobile platform delivers the game-changing resources to help growers and grain buyers make the most informed decisions. Integrating valuable data from multiple sources so no matter when it’s time to sell, you can be sure you’re making the right call and getting the best value for your grain – every time.

Stratum will be released publicly in 2020. Be the first to know about future releases and updates by signing up below.

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01 Locations

Stratum’s network puts the power in your fingertips. With immediate access to local and regional elevators, enhance your logistical efficiency while avoiding any unforeseen delays. Our direct contact information allows you to quickly identify key personnel for inquiries and advice. Real-time alerts and wait-time notifications make sure you are always in the know.

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02 Market Options

Our brand-new app allows you to navigate available markets for final grain sale value to support your marketing decisions in real time. From cash bids to contracts to deliveries, Stratum’s fully transparent data has been developed to give you confidence and peace of mind.

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03 Announcements

Stratum’s direct communication between elevator and grower provides additional support capability at all hours of the day. Local elevators are constantly sending product updates like pricing and specials, ensuring every piece of relevant information is available to you.

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04 Offer Management

In the future, you will be able to establish the amount of grain and set an asking price that you are willing to sell. You will also be able to set a time frame that the offer is valid and make one offer to multiple grain locations.

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05 Evolution

As the grain marketing industry continues to grow, so too will Stratum. Future versions of our app will incorporate agronomic and risk management tools, allowing you to utilize one application for all of your business management needs. The goal is to maximize integrated data and further enhance users’ operational management.

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