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Farmers relate to farmers. And we’re an ag-tech company built from people with real ag roots. A group dedicated to creating empowering solutions that solve real grower challenges.

Grain Bridge Team

Who We Are

Since 2008, GrainBridge has invested countless resources into the ongoing development of the most powerful web-based agriculture solutions available. Driven by a team with real-world agriculture experience and a shared passion for innovation, our flagship products deliver answers to the issues today’s farmers and grain buyers face. Together, we’re revolutionizing aspects of planning, managing, communicating, and trading to change farming forever — starting today.

Our Mission

We empower farmers to market grain with confidence.


We’ve walked in your boots. We understand the needs and demands that drive the operational decisions you make. And we recognize that at the end of the day, your bottom line is what matters. It's what drives us to create tools that help ensure everything you put into your work, works as hard as it can for you, right down to getting the most for every bushel.

Our Vision

We are changing farming forever … starting today.


The agriculture industry is changing faster than ever. And with the continual addition of information and technology, just trying to keep up can feel like a second job on its own. With a passion for creating solutions that make farmers’ lives easier, we’re committed to being your single resource for making smarter, easier decisions that contribute to your profitability.


We are a proud group with diverse levels of real-world ag experience and a roll-up-your-sleeves passion for developing technology solutions that make a difference for farmers.

Brice GB

50% dev, 50% nerd, 100% caffeine--that's me. My coworkers probably have no idea that I'm a major coffee snob, but it's true. I joined GrainBridge for the chance to work with the latest Cloud technology and be surrounded by equally passionate colleagues.

Brice J.

Senior Software Developer

Dan GB

I'm a technology and fitness geek who loves to have fun and learn something new every day. I get a lot of crap for the 50 questions I ask when someone asks for my t-shirt size. But c'mon... is it fitted? Cotton? Athletic-style? A guy has got to know these things!!

Dan C.

Lead Developer


My coworkers would probably say I'm direct and to the point...but also fun! The truth is, I'm ungodly terrible at talking about myself for things like this. I'm a busy mom who tries to juggle and multi-task many things, with varying success depending on the day :)

Faith L.

Chief Commercial Officer

Fayez GB

I joined GrainBridge nine years ago because I knew GrainBridge was going to build something meaningful and I wanted to be part of it. Born in Syria, I have a passion for cooking, hookah, and beating my colleagues in table tennis. :)

Fayez B.

Software Architect

Justin GB

I'm a planner with a competitive drive who's focused on providing optimal solutions. And...I just realized that sentence sounds pretty boring! I also enjoy hunting, fishing, and coaching/watching my kids' sporting activities. How's that for fun?

Justin S.

Lead Developer

Karie GB

I'm lighthearted yet always ready for a competition. When not at work, I’m most likely running, either by choice or running kids all over town. You can even find me running sheep in the summer to win the next purple ribbon!

Karie S.

Business Analyst

Ken GB copy

I'm a rugged outdoorsman trapped in the body of an office worker. As a digital artist, I flog the keyboard to create binary masterpieces for patrons of refined tastes.

Ken J.

Senior Software Engineer

GB Kevin 3

I am a passionate technologist, dedicated to seeing teams focus and thrive. I love all things related to guitars and play video games when I can find time.

Kevin D.

Head of Product

Matt GB

When asked to describe me, coworkers would probably say I'm unforgettable. Well... okay. Sean said that. Anyway, I'm a high-energy guy who enjoys bushcrafting, hiking, lumberjacking, and blowing stuff up.

Matt M.

Data Architect

Ray GB

I'm a proud California native who loves reading, hiking, being outdoors, and spending time with family. Being from California you might wonder, "What's he doing in Nebraska?" Actually... what AM I doing in Nebraska...?!

Ray B.

Software Developer

Sean GB

My coworkers probably consider me irreplaceable...and hilarious. In all seriousness, I love that we get to create enterprise-level solutions in a startup environment where corporate red tape is put to the side to allow for innovation.

Sean M.

Senior Software Engineer

Sydney GB

I'm an Ohio-native, avid coffee drinker who's passionate about improving agriculture AND education through our outreach program. I'm obsessed with finding authentic sushi and cheering for the Buckeyes—two challenging things when you live in Nebraska!

Sydney S.

Director of Education

Terry GB

I'm known around the office as the guy who's rarely without a Diet Mountain Dew or Tommy Bahama shirt. I'm also a huge Star Wars and Marvel film fan and a big believer in, “All I really need to know I learned in kindergarten."

Terry C.

Chief Operating Officer

Tim GB

It's been said that I'm a manner of man that can summon up fire without flint or tinder. And a suppressed visionary. Probably both. When I'm not building cool things with amazing people I enjoy biking, running, and walks with my wife and Frenchies.

Tim K.

Chief Technology Officer

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