Pause and reflect on this moment. It might be bigger than you expect. Here is the time when technology is about to reveal its true potential to drive farm profits.

GrainBridge represents a joint venture that will bring the resources of ADM and Cargill together to give farmers access to powerful insights at a single outlet. It will have the power to convert data, free of charge to the farmer, into information that will help farmers maximize their profits and will represent a massive step in helping eliminate emotion, stress and hesitation as part of the grain marketing experience.

This is where it’s going.

Grainbridge mission image of corn

Who we are

The GrainBridge concept began development in 2006 and later became a reality when founded in December of 2007. GrainBridge is a Nebraska based company located in Omaha. We are a mix of developers, farmers, and engineers focused on developing powerful, web based software and technology. Our dedicated team works together on a daily basis to improve the way people in agriculture manage, communicate and profit.

What we do

Our employees share a love for agriculture, a passion for innovation, and a desire to make a difference. We provide innovative solutions for our clients that help with management, collaboration and communications. We provide Software as a Service (SaaS) which is another way of saying we build web based software. Our flagship products help those involved in agriculture plan, manage, communicate and trade. We have been fortunate to provide services to some of the best agricultural businesses in the Midwest including a number of Farm Credit associations, Interstate Mills, United Farmers Coop, Kluis Commodities to name a few.

Why we do it

Demand for agricultural commodities continues to increase both domestically and internationally, which in-turn is causing extreme price volatility across all segments of the agricultural industry thus, a growing need for improvements in managing risk and communicating with business partners. This is where GrainBridge makes a difference.

Risk Management Technology for Producers

Professional agrimanagement begins with creating detailed crop and livestock profiles. These profiles set the foundation for an advanced understanding of your business’s production potential. Profiles may be managed on a whole operation basis, or they may be broken down by crop fields and livestock pens. By allowing users to create as many profiles as desired for a wide array of crop and livestock types, GrainBridge sets new standards in versatility and flexibility for agribusiness management

Crop Target Planning

Successful producers create a comprehensive plan each year. Beyond the basic inputs that go into the profiles, there are additional factors that must be accounted for in a thorough planning process. GrainBridge allows you to enter your operation’s expenses, target profit goals, and projected yields at market prices. These inputs help create a benchmark for your operation to market against. The Target Planning tools allow you to more accurately track your business’s net position throughout the year and adjust your plans accordingly.

Market Tracking

Manage your cash sales, futures, options, and payments with up-to-date market data to provide an accurate picture of your risk and profit potential.

Cash Sales

Cash sales are the most common type of transactions in agribusiness, and GrainBridge allows you to manage all of your cash contracts at the click of a button. Utilizing a live futures feed against unsold grain, users are given a daily look at their overall net position.

Futures and Options

GrainBridge simplifies the process of managing futures and options by allowing you to manage all of your positions in one convenient location. By providing instant access to all positions, clients are given a real live look at their net gain or loss each day.


Incorporate crop insurance policies into profiles for better planning and understanding of specific protection levels. GrainBridge has the capability to manage multiple insurance policies for those who have varying protection levels for multiple crop types and locations.

What-If Analysis

Stress test your business’s portfolio with multiple factors that affect your bottom line profitability (yield, price, basis, insurance, etc.), and see how changes in these factors impact your operation.

GrainBridge in the classroom

GrainBridge, a Nebraska-based company that specializes in web-based agriculture risk management tools, has partnered with multiple Farm Credits across the United States to provide a live, interactive web-based solution at no cost for educators and students in the agri-classroom.

Students Will

  • Develop an understanding of key factors that attribute to crop and livestock plans.
  • Develop skills to determine profitability considering current market prices.
  • Be able create reports showing profit and break-even targets compared to current market prices.
  • Learn efficient ways to manage profitability in volatile markets.
  • Have a real world feel of the cash grain market through the use of a grain elevator simulation.
  • Gain a broader exposure to risk management through the use of futures and options.
  • Be able to explain the types of crop insurance and the value of each.
  • Learn to stress test their virtual farms and ranches using multiple events and scenarios that affect net profitability.
  • Education Outreach Mission

    We are committed to providing agri-educators with the necessary tools to simplify the instruction of the basics in Risk Management and generate excitement for the agricultural industry in the classroom. Students in this outreach walk away with a better understanding of how to manage risk from pre-planning to the point of sale using live market data.

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