GrainBridge for Growers

What's in GrainBridge for growers

  • Farm Risk Management
    Risk Management Software designed to help you manage every component of your farming business.
  • Farmer Tools
    Users can create marketing plans that provide both break even and profit targets. Progress can be tracked with cash sales, futures & options transactions, crop insurance & government payments.
  • Safe and Secure
    GrainBridge uses bank-level data security. We keep your data safe and secure so it's always available to you when and where you need it.
  • GrainBridge Planner
    Create your own personal crop plan by whole-farm, farm entity or even field-by-field. Build plans for multiple crop years. Incorporate crop insurance, break-even analysis and profit targets.
  • GrainBridge Manager
    Monitor all the components of your risk management plan utilizing current market prices including cash sales, futures, options,government and insurance payments. Compare current average prices against your target price.

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Here is what GrainBridge looks like

GrainBridge 2.0 screenshots

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